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Beschreibung PWM Controller of High-performance Current Mode
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GW6203 Datasheet, Funktion
PWM Controller of High-performance Current Mode
Product Specification
PWM controller of high-performance current mode is
specially designed for AC/DC transformer with high
performance and price ratio, which supplies continuous
output power of 18W within the range of wide-voltage
between 85V and 265V, the output power of peak value
can be up to 24W. The combination of optimized
reasonable circuit design and bipolar facture technology
with high performance and price ratio economizes the
whole cost ultimately. The power controller can be applied
to the typical fly-back circuit topology so as to form a
simple AC/DC transformer. When the output power is
lower, IC will reduce the working frequency automatically,
therefore, the standby power consumption becomes
extremely low. When the power tube is closed, the interior
circuit will bias it reversely, utilize the characteristic of high
pressure resistance CB of bipolar transistor directly, and
improve its pressure resistance capacity to the high
voltage of 700V, which ensures the security of the power
Meanwhile, the perfect function of overload and
saturation prevention is provided inside of IC, which can
keep away some abnormal status, such as overload,
saturation of transformer, and output short circuit, so as to
improve the reliability of the power supply. The current limit
and clock frequency can be set up by exterior
Now the standard encapsulation and the environmental
protection leadless encapsulation that meets European
standard of DIP8 are supplied.
„ Set-in high-voltage power switch tube of 700V and few
peripheral components
„ With the modulation of lock pulse width, the testing is
according to the pulse limit current.
„ With the function of output frequency reduction, the
non-output power consumption can be less than 0.3W.
„ Inner-built ramp and anti-feedback compensation
„ The independent upper-limit current testing controller
deals with over-current and over-load of the controller
„ The period emission pole is turned off and it outputs by
deflected voltage, and the pressure resistance of the power
tube is improved.
„ Set-in current limit resistance with temperature
compensation, which makes the current limit precise
„ Set-in heat protection circuit
„ Startup is accomplished with the magnification function
of the switch power tube, and the power consumption of
startup resistance is reduced more than10 times.
„ Few peripheral components
„ Low startup and operating current
„ VCC over-voltage automatic limit
„ Continuous wide-voltage output power reaches 18W,
and the output power of peak value arrives at 24W.
„ Compatible with THX203/RM6203
„ Adaptor (for example, travel charger, out
power station)
„ Open Frame (such as electromagnetic oven,
microwave oven and etc.)

GW6203 Datasheet, Funktion
PWM Controller of High-performance Current Mode
z During start-up phase, the inner-reference voltage
is closed when electrified; FB pull-up power source is
closed, the start-up current is input from OB to VCC
through BOOT circuit; when the voltage of VCC goes
up to 8.8V, BOOT ciicuit stop working and not charge
VCC, the start-up phase is ended, and it comes into the
normal phase.
z During normal phase, VCC voltage shall keep at
4.8~9.0V, the inner-reference voltage (VR) is 2.5V
benchmark; FB pull-up current source starts up; the
oscillator output OSC1 decides the maximum duty cycle,
output OSC2 tries to touch off the power supply to enter
open cycle to enter the open cycle, and shield flashing
peak current of the power tube ; if FB is less than 1.8V
(about between 1.2-1.8V), the cycle of the oscillator will
increase with it, the less FB is, the wider the cycle of the
oscillator is, until the oscillation stops (This characteristic
reduces the standby power consumption of the switching
power.) ; if the peripheral feedback tries to make VCC
more than 9.6V, the in-circuit is fed back to FB and
makes VCC stabilize the voltage at 9.6V (According to
this Characteristic, we can may not adopt peripheral
feedback circuit, and stabilize the output voltage by
in-circuit, but the precision of stabilizing voltage is low);
During the open cycle, OB supplies base current for the
power tube, OE pulls down the emitter of the power tube
to IS, and OB adopts the driving parameter of ramp
current ( it refers to that OB on-current is the
Product Specification
parameter of IS, when IS is 0V, OB on-current is about
40mA, then OB on-current increases linearly with IS,
when IS increases to 0.6V, OB on-current is about
120mA, this characteristic makes effective use of the
output current of OB, decreases the power consumption
of GW6203H), if IS detects that the specified current FB,
it will come into the close cycle; during the close cycle,
OB pulls down, the power tube will not shut off
immediately, but OE clamps 1.5V (after the power tube
is shut off, the base will be biased reversely, which
improves the voltage endurance); during open or close
cycle, if the power tube is detected beyond the upper
limit current, the trigger of the upper limit current will be
placed preferentially and forces FB to drop, the duty
cycle will become less so as to protect the power tube
and transformer; at the beginning of next close cycle or
when FB is less than 1.8V, the trigger of the upper limit
current will reset. In addition, GW6203H is installed over
heat protection internally, when the internal temperature
is higher than 140, it will broaden the cycle of the
oscillator and makes the temperature of GW6203H less
than 150; The ramp compensation is also placed
internally, when GW6203H is in a big duty cycle or in the
mode of constant current, it can stabilize the open/close
z If VCC declines to 4.3V or so, the oscillator will shut
off, OSC1 and OSC2 are in the low level, and the power
supply keeps at close cycle; when VCC goes on
declining to 3.7V or so, GW6203H will come into the
start-up phase once again.

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