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2SC6145A Datasheet, Funktion
Audio Amplification Transistor
Features and Benefits
LAPT (High frequency multi emitter transistor)
Small package (TO-3P)
High power handling capacity, 160 W
Improved sound output by reduced on-chip impedance
Complementary to 2SA2223A
Package: 3-Lead TO-3P
Sanken LAPT transistors have an innovative design, produced
by adapting advancements in the unique Sanken thin-wafer
production technology. These NPN power transistors achieve
faster power-up by decreasing thermal resistance, and provide
a higher avalanche breakdown voltage rating. The high power-
handling capacity of the TO-3P package allows a smaller
footprint on the circuit board layout. This series of transistors
is very well suited not only for multichannel applications
for AV (audio-visual) amplifiers and receivers, but also for
parallel connection applications for PA (professional audio
system) amplifiers.
Applications include the following:
Single transistors for audio amplifiers
Home audio amplifiers
Professional audio amplifiers
Automobile audio amplifiers
Audio market
Single transistors for general purpose
Not to scale
Equivalent Circuit

2SC6145A Datasheet, Funktion
Audio Amplification Transistor
• The contents in this document are subject to changes, for improvement and other purposes, without notice. Make sure that this is the
latest revision of the document before use.
• Application and operation examples described in this document are quoted for the sole purpose of reference for the use of the prod-
ucts herein and Sanken can assume no responsibility for any infringement of industrial property rights, intellectual property rights or
any other rights of Sanken or any third party which may result from its use.
• Although Sanken undertakes to enhance the quality and reliability of its products, the occurrence of failure and defect of semicon-
ductor products at a certain rate is inevitable. Users of Sanken products are requested to take, at their own risk, preventative measures
including safety design of the equipment or systems against any possible injury, death, fires or damages to the society due to device
failure or malfunction.
• Sanken products listed in this document are designed and intended for the use as components in general purpose electronic equip-
ment or apparatus (home appliances, office equipment, telecommunication equipment, measuring equipment, etc.).
When considering the use of Sanken products in the applications where higher reliability is required (transportation equipment and
its control systems, traffic signal control systems or equipment, fire/crime alarm systems, various safety devices, etc.), and whenever
long life expectancy is required even in general purpose electronic equipment or apparatus, please contact your nearest Sanken sales
representative to discuss, prior to the use of the products herein.
The use of Sanken products without the written consent of Sanken in the applications where extremely high reliability is required
(aerospace equipment, nuclear power control systems, life support systems, etc.) is strictly prohibited.
• In the case that you use Sanken products or design your products by using Sanken products, the reliability largely depends on the
degree of derating to be made to the rated values. Derating may be interpreted as a case that an operation range is set by derating the
load from each rated value or surge voltage or noise is considered for derating in order to assure or improve the reliability. In general,
derating factors include electric stresses such as electric voltage, electric current, electric power etc., environmental stresses such
as ambient temperature, humidity etc. and thermal stress caused due to self-heating of semiconductor products. For these stresses,
instantaneous values, maximum values and minimum values must be taken into consideration.
In addition, it should be noted that since power devices or IC's including power devices have large self-heating value, the degree of
derating of junction temperature affects the reliability significantly.
• When using the products specified herein by either (i) combining other products or materials therewith or (ii) physically, chemically
or otherwise processing or treating the products, please duly consider all possible risks that may result from all such uses in advance
and proceed therewith at your own responsibility.
• Anti radioactive ray design is not considered for the products listed herein.
• Sanken assumes no responsibility for any troubles, such as dropping products caused during transportation out of Sanken's distribu-
tion network.
• The contents in this document must not be transcribed or copied without Sanken's written consent.

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