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Beschreibung Optimized for Broadband Applications
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GWIXP425ACT Datasheet, Funktion
Internet Exchange
product brief
Intel® IXP425 Network
Processor Family
Optimized for Broadband Applications
Product Highlights
s Intel® XScaleRISC core up to 533 MHz
s Three network processor engines
s Two high-speed serial interfaces
s Two 10/100 Base-T Ethernet MACs with
MII/RMII interface
s UTOPIA 2 interface—multiple
ADSL/G.SHDSL or VDSL support
s PCI version 2.2 Host and Option interface
s Hardware Security Accelerator (IPsec:
s USB version 1.1 device controller
s Two UARTS—one High-Speed UART
(921.6 Kbaud) and one Console UART
(230.4 Kbaud)
s 32-bit wide SDRAM controller
s Sixteen GPIO pins
s 16-bit configurable expansion bus
s ATM, TDM, Ethernet MAC filtering, and
HDLC support
s Operating system support for VxWorks*
and Linux*
s Commercial and Extended temperature
Product Overview
To meet the growing demand from homes and
businesses for high-performance broadband
access services, manufacturers must develop
new networking products that are capable of
provisioning rich services. The Intel® IXP425
network processors are designed to meet the
needs of last-mile applications, such as cus-
tomer premises equipment, and mini-DSLAMs
for multi-dwelling units (MxUs). These network
processors deliver wire-speed performance and
sufficient "processor headroom" for manufactur-
ers to add a variety of rich software services to
support their networking applications. These
are highly integrated network processors that
support multiple WAN and LAN technologies
giving customers a common architecture for
multiple applications.
With their Development Platform, a choice
of operating systems, and a broad range of
development tools, the Intel IXP425 network
processors provide a complete development
environment for faster time-to-market. This
network processor family offers the choice of
multiple clock speeds at 266, 400, and 533
MHz, with both Commercial (0° to 70° C) and
Extended (-40° to 85° C) temperature options.
Architected for Broadband Applications
The Intel IXP425 network processor family
meets the requirements of next-generation
broadband applications by integrating a unique
distributed processing architecture that
features the performance of the Intel XScale
core and three Network Processor Engines
(NPEs). The combination of the four high-
performance processors provides tremendous
processing power and enables wire-speed
performance at both the LAN and WAN ports.
Distributed Processing Architecture
The Intel XScale core and the three NPEs run
their instruction streams in parallel. The Intel
XScale core is fully compatible with ARM* V5T
Thumb instructions set and V5E DSP exten-
sions. Designed on the Intel® 0.18-micron
process technology, the Intel XScale core
delivers the industry-leading MIPs to power
consumption ratio and provides ample pro-
cessing headroom for the customer to add
differentiating product features.

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