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Teilenummer FS6808DG
Beschreibung Low Standby Power High Performance PWM Controller
Hersteller American First Semiconductor
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FS6808DG Datasheet, Funktion
Low Standby Power High Performance PWM Controller
General Description
The FS6808DG represents a major leap towards achieving low standby power in medium−to−high
power Switched−Mode Power Supplies such as notebook adapters, off−line battery chargers and
consumer electronics equipment. the FS6808DG contains all needed control functionality to build a rugged
and efficient power supply. The FS6808DG is a current mode controller with internal ramp compensation.
Among the unique features offered by the FS6808DG is an event management scheme that can disable the
front−end PFC circuit during standby, thus reducing the no load power consumption. The FS6808DG itself
goes into cycle skipping at light loads while limiting peak current so that no acoustic noise is generated.
The FS6808DG has a high−voltage (500V) startup circuit that eliminates external components and reduces
power consumption. The FS6808DG also features an internal latching function that can be used for OVP
protection. True overload protection, internal 2.5 ms soft−start, internal leading edge blanking, internal
frequency dithering for low EMI are some of the other important features offered by the FS6808DG. offered
in SOP-8 package.
Internal High−Voltage(500V) Startup Current Source for Loss−Less Startup
MAX 18V Power Supply Voltage
Current−Mode Operation with Internal Ramp Compensation
Extremely Low No−Load Standby Power
Direct Connection to PFC Controller for Improved No−Load Standby Power
Internal Leading Edge Blanking
Latched Primary Overcurrent and Overvoltage Protection
Short−Circuit Protection Independent of Auxiliary Level
+500 mA/−800 mA Peak Current Drive Capability
@ 2010 Copyright By American First Semiconductor
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FS6808DG Datasheet, Funktion
Typical Application
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