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Teilenummer FS6823DG
Beschreibung Low Standby Power High Performance PWM Controller
Hersteller American First Semiconductor
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FS6823DG Datasheet, Funktion
Low Standby Power High Performance PWM Controller
General Description
FS6823DG is a current mode PWM controller with integrated high voltage power MOSFET. It could be used in
sub 10W(Note 1) applications.
In PWM mode, FS6823DG operates in fixed frequency which is precisely set internally.FS6823DG could operate
in Extended Burst Mode at no load or light load, in which mode switching loss is minimized and the frequency is
adjusted internally. To ensure that power supplies work quietly, the frequency is set beyond 20 KHz in Extended
Burst Mode. Small current is needed when SFSP658623DF Gstasrttasrtuspuapnadnwdowrkosr,ktsh, uthsuaslarlgaergveavluaelureesriesstiosrtocrocuoldulbdebueseudsed
in the startup circuit to minimize the standby power. Slope compensation circuit is integrated in FS6823DG, which
improves system large signal stability and reduces the possible sub-harmonic oscillation at high PWM duty cycle.
Leading-edge blanking on current sense (CS) input eliminates the signal glitch due to snubber circuit diode
reverse recovery current. Frequency jittering technique is integrated in FS6823DG, which helps to achieve excellent
EMI performance.
FS6823DG offers complete protection functions including cycle-by-cycle current limiting protection(OCP),
over load protection(OLP),VDD over voltage protection(OVP), VDD over voltage clamp and under voltage
lockout(UVLO).FS6823DG is available in Pb-free SOP8 package.
Battery Charger
Power Adaptor for PDA and Digital Camera
Set-Top Box Power Supplies
Open-frame SMPS
Optimized for Sub 10W Applications(Note 1)
650V Power MOSFET is Integrated
4mS Soft Start
Frequency Jittering for Improved EMI
Extended Burst Mode for Improved Efficiency and Low Standby Power
Audio Noise Free Operation
Fixed 50KHz Switching Frequency in PWM Mode
Internal Synchronized Slope Compensation
Low VDD Startup Current and Low Operating Current
Leading Edge Blanking on Current Sense Input
Over Load Protection(OLP) and Cycle-by-Cycle Current Limiting Protection(OCP)
VDD Over Voltage Protection(OVP),Under Voltage Lockout Protection(UVLO) and Over Voltage Clamp
Pb-free SOP8 Package
@ 2010 Copyright By American First Semiconductor
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FS6823DG Datasheet, Funktion
Typical Application
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