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32AV700V Datasheet, Funktion
LCD Colour TV
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Owner's Record
You will find the model number and serial number on
the back of the TV. Record these numbers in the spaces
provided below. Refer to them whenever you call upon
your TOSHIBA dealer regarding this product.
Model number:
Serial number:

32AV700V Datasheet, Funktion
Introduction / Getting started
1) Remove the power plug before cleaning.
Never use solvents such as benzine or thinner
to clean the TV.
• These solvents may distort the cabinet or
damage its finish.
• If rubber or vinyl products remain in contact
with the TV for a long time, a stain may
If the cabinet becomes dirty, clean it with a
soft, dry cloth.
When cleaning the surface of the LCD display,
wipe the panel surface gently with a soft, dry
2) Periodically disconnect the power plug
from the outlet and check it.
If dust has collected on the power plug
connectors, clean off the dust with a dry
This dust may cause a fire due to reduced
insulation on the plug.
Clean here
Important information
1) About LCD screen
• If you have the LCD screen facing to the
sun, the LCD screen will be damaged. Be
aware of locating the TV close to a window
or outdoors.
• Never press the LCD screen strongly or
scratch it, and never put anything on it.
These actions will damage the LCD screen.
2) About cabinet and LCD screen
Never spray volatile compounds such as
insecticide on the cabinet and LCD screen.
This may cause a discolouration or damage
the cabinet and LCD screen.
3) Some pixels of the screen do not light up
The LCD display panel is manufactured
using an extremely high level of precision
technology, however sometimes some
pixels of the screen may be missing picture
elements or have luminous spots. This is not
sign of malfunction.
4) About Interference
The LCD display may cause interference
in image, sound, etc. of other electronic
equipment that receives electromagnetic
waves (e.g. AM radios and video equipment).
5) About using under the low temperature
If you use the TV in the room of 0°C or less,
the picture brightness may vary until the
LCD monitor warms up. This is not a sign of
6) About afterimage
If a still picture is displayed, an afterimage
may remain on the screen, however it will
disappear. This is not a sign of malfunction.
• Toshiba is not liable for any damage caused
by fires, natural disaster (such as thunder,
earthquake, etc.), acts by third parties,
accidents, owner’s misuse, or uses in other
improper conditions.
• Toshiba is not liable for incidental damages
(such as profit loss or interruption in business,
modification or erasure of record data, etc.)
caused by use or inability to use of product.
• Toshiba is not liable for any damage caused
by neglect of the instructions described in the
owner’s manual.
• Toshiba is not liable for any damage caused by
misuse or malfunction through simultaneous
use of this product and the connected
Trademark Information
• HDMI, the HDMI logo, and High-Definition
Multimedia Interface are trademarks or
registered trademarks of HDMI Licensing LLC
in the United States and other countries.

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32AV700V pdf, datenblatt
Introduction / Getting started
• In the video input mode (o1, o2 and HDMI),
Auto Tuning and Manual Tuning are not
available. Instead, Manual Settings appears in
the SETUP menu (- page 20).
• If you connect external equipment via
component video source to external input,
Colour System selection in the Manual
Settings menu is not available.
• If you do not make a selection for a while, the
menu display disappears automatically.
• If you want to close the menu display instantly,
press EXIT or MENU.
• To return to the previous menu, press RETURN.
• In the PC input mode, PC Settings appears in
the SETUP menu (- page 27).
• In the 480i, 576i or 1080i input signals mode,
you can select the Cinema Mode in the
Picture Settings menu (- page 17).
• When you use the colour management function
(- page 18), you can select the Base Colour
Adjustment in the PICTURE menu.
2 Select the second position with the Number
buttons (0-9).
3 Press . The previous channel will be
Each time you press , the TV will switch back
and forth between the two positions.
Displaying the on-screen information
1 Press to display the following on-screen
Watching TV programmes
Selecting the menu language
Choose from 9 different languages (English,
Chinese (CS), Malay, Thai, Vietnamese, Russian,
Arabic, Persian or French) for the on-screen
1 Press MENU, then press v or w to display
SETUP menu.
2 Press s or r to select Language.
3 Press v or w to select the desired language.
Changing the position
1 Enter the desired position number using the
Number buttons on the remote control.
For positions below 10, use 0 and the
required number e.g., for position 1.
2 You can also change the position by using PU
or Pu.
The position will be displayed on the screen
with the Mono/Stereo/Dual audio status.
Changing positions between different format
channels takes several seconds.
Switching between two positions
You can switch two positions without entering
actual position number each time.
1 Select the first position you want to view.
The information will disappear in 6 seconds.
• Position or external input mode selected
• Position skip on/off information
• Label (if set)
• Mono/Stereo/Dual audio status
2 To erase the display instantly, press again.
Programming channels into the TV’s
channel memory
• First, use the Auto Tuning function to preset all
the active channels in your area automatically.
Then, arrange the preset channels with the
Manual Tuning function so that you can tune
into only desired channels.
• Use the Manual Tuning operation if desired
channels cannot be preset with the Auto
Tuning or if you would like to preset channels
to specific position numbers one by one.
Auto Tuning
1 From the SETUP menu, press s or r to
select Auto Tuning.
2 Press Q to display the Auto Signal Booster
menu (- pages 10, 13), press v or w to
select Yes or No.

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