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Beschreibung 3 or 4 Cell Li-ion Battery System Development Kit
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XK3100 Datasheet, Funktion
3 or 4 Cell Li-Ion Battery System Development Kit
• Self contained Development Board
(batteries not included)
• X3100 and microcontroller control
• External components provided
• PC connection and software
• SMBus hardware connection
• Speed system development
• Maximum flexibility to explore alternative
• Evaluate algorithmic trade-offs for Gas Gauging
and Cell Balancing functions
• Minimize battery pack development issues
• Simple interface to special X3100 functions
• Speeds development of industry standard Smart
Battery interface
The XK3100 is a development board that features the
Xicor X3100 Lithium Ion battery protection and monitor
IC. For use in battery packs consisting of 3 or 4 Lithium-
Ion battery cells, the X3100 provides:
• internal over-voltage, under-voltage, and over-current
protection circuitry
• internal EEPROM memory
• circuits for externally monitoring cell voltages and pack
current, including a current sense amplifier for higher
resolution current measurements,
• an internal voltage regulator, and
• internal drive circuitry for switching external FET
devices used to control cell charge, discharge, and cell
voltage balancing.
The XK3100 board provides the external devices
needed to control the battery pack and adds a
microcontroller. This microcontroller talks to the PC
through a 2-wire interface. The microcontroller provides
a mechanism for interrogating the X3100 status,
monitoring the pack voltages and current and controlling
protection settings. The board provides an interface for
attaching microcontroller development tools. This will
facilitate the development of more complete battery pack
software. Future revisions of the software and
microcontroller firmware, may include: full SMBus
support, battery gas gauging, cell balancing, and history
The XK3100 user interface consists of a Graphical User
Interface program running on Windows 95/98. This
software provides a menu driven method of setting the
programmable elements of the X3100, monitoring the
status of the batteries and reading the on-chip
EEPROM. The XK3100 board and software will monitor
and control all features of the X3100 device.
Included in the XK3100
• Fully assembled and tested board, complete with
microcontroller, FETs, sense resistor and regulator cir-
• Win95/98 compatible executable program providing
the user interface to the hardware.
• Cable from the PC parallel port to the XK3100
• Two samples of the X3100
• Users Manual
• X3100 Data Sheet
• Board schematics and layout information
• Two application notes.
©Xicor, Inc. 1994 – 1999 Patents Pending
9900-3016.1 11/8/99 CM
1 Characteristics subject to change without notice

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